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3 Ways to Decorate a Farmhouse Table for Summer

One of the most enjoyed summer activities is outdoor entertaining. If you're someone who loves to entertain, consider adding a reclaimed wood table to your home furnishings. Reclaimed wood tables can be easily transformed into a vibrant, welcoming space for friends and family to spend time enjoying the summer weather—both indoors and out! These tables have an elegant yet rustic look and can serve as the perfect centerpiece for any gathering. Read on to learn some of our favorite ways to decorate a farmhouse table

Compliment Your Table with Bench Seats

For an outdoor dinner, bench seats can be used instead of chairs. Wooden bench seating is reminiscent of a picnic table and can give a dinner party a great summer atmosphere. You can customize the benches with decorative pillows and cushions depending on the activity, or add plants and greenery as a centerpiece. With these small additions, you can add color and vibrancy to any table setting. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try placing your plants in unusual containers. For example, fill a vintage-inspired watering can full of succulents and cacti, which are the perfect low maintenance summer plants.

Add A Pop of Color

An indoor table can be designed for a casual dining area or more formal setting all while retaining the farmhouse feel. For a casual, fun look, try pairing some colored chairs with your table. Bringing in some color with a set of interesting chairs is a unique way to brighten up space with an eclectic touch.

Go Formal

For a more formal look, try darker colored decorative elements. The rich brown of a leather-inspired table runner could be reminiscent of the Old West. Consider adding other Western-inspired elements such as wrought iron chairs and flowers kept in interesting shaped bottles instead of traditional vases. For a splash of color, incorporate vibrant large candlesticks. Flickering firelight adds elements of movement and dimension to any centerpiece.

View Our Farmhouse Table Designs

These are just a few of the many ways a farmhouse table can be styled for summer. Contact us to view our reclaimed wood tables, or get in touch about a custom table made just for you and your home. At E.B. Mann, we blend vintage form with modern function for beautiful, durable reclaimed furniture.

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