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Learn How to Free Up Space with Reclaimed Wood Storage

Storage space: the endless battle. Not only is in-home storage space hard to find, but sometimes it can feel like you have to sacrifice style and design for functionality. But creative (and astonishingly beautiful) ways of optimizing your living areas do exist. One of these ways is the use of reclaimed barn wood furniture.

Reclaimed wood is used lumber from a barn, shed, abandoned house, etc., that dedicated craftsmen can claim and re-fashion into one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. This method of seeking and recycling wood is not only beneficial to the environment, but a great way to merge a need for storage space with elegance and efficiency. If you've been looking for fresh ideas on how to stylize your organizational space, this could be the answer.

A convenient way to repurpose wood (and probably the first one you thought of) is to make it into shelves. But don't just settle for slapping a few boards together and driving in some old nails. If your heart is set on something handsome and rustic, a model like our Barge Bookshelf can meet those conditions. You can get a charming, polished bookshelf with enough shelving space to declutter a whole room. You can fit it into any corner or against any wall and fill it with books, keepsakes, utensils, tools, dishes - whatever you need. It is a prime example of how you can really make the most of reclaimed wood storage furniture.

Another clever way to use reclaimed wood furniture is by purchasing a storage table. These tables have a handy design which provides you with a broad, smooth tabletop above and a series of shelves, baskets, or crates below. It’s open for easy access, but also gives an air of neatness and organization. This piece can make the perfect accent to a country-style kitchen or cabin living room.

What if you want something versatile? A windowed cabinet could be just the right piece to fill any number of needs. Like storage tables, windowed cabinets provide internal display space for dishes, books, CD or record collections, linens - anything - while providing secondary storage on top. Upper space can easily be transformed into an end table, a TV stand, a family photo display, or an extra hors o'derve table when you're hosting parties. Having a piece of reclaimed barn wood furniture which serves multiple purposes can take the stress out of rearranging on short notice.

Instead of fighting with cramped quarters, give yourself more elbow room while increasing your home’s design using reclaimed wood storage furniture. Your home should be your haven, and reclaimed wood storage can certainly make that haven more accessible. Contact E.B. Mann today for more information!