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Matching Handmade Furniture With Your Design Style

Handmade furniture can appeal to almost everyone. The care given and rich details are obvious from the first time you see a piece that has been made entirely from scratch. How many times have you avoided purchasing a beautiful table for fear that it would clash with your design style? Handmade custom furniture may fit in your design scheme better than you realize.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary design style is open to change at any given moment. Open space and purposed furniture are often found within contemporary rooms. Side tables with chrome legs may hold a repurposed piece of wood top that has been finished in matte black. This allows for furniture and wall hangings to blend and evolve into whatever color and texture that you wish to create.

Industrial Style

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating reclaimed furniture in industrial design. Industrial design portrays a “raw” and “exposed” motif. Metal, wood and concrete are natural resources that are solid and bold in character. Long open wood shelves, highlighted with big metal braces are common in industrial design. Oversized custom-made repurposed tables add the perfect touch for working on projects, meeting with friends, or enjoying meals.

Rustic Style

Deciding on a rustic style is a lot of fun. You are never limited to a specific look. Many times, Southwestern, Mission, or Country-style designs can be achieved with custom furniture that is vintage-inspired or made of rough and solid wood. This is where repurposed furniture can take on any look you desire. Desks, tables or bookcases can be designed and crafted with a particular use in mind. For instance, dimensions of bookcases do not have to be standard. If you have a hobby or passion that requires special storage, this piece of reclaimed furniture can be custom built with your interests and needs in mind.

Casual Style

A casual style is more about comfort than refinement. This is where handmade furniture can really shine. Solid wood with tons of seat padding or unique storage options are awesome for relaxation. Picture a piece of furniture that is tough, natural and meets your requirements for comfort and wear and tear. It can be made and will fit your design scheme perfectly.

You do not have to settle for mass-produced furniture when outfitting a particular design style. The warmth of custom-built furniture can be incorporated into many design styles. The interior designs of today are changing to include a greener, warmer and more solid material for comfort and aesthetic beauty. E. B. Mann creates unique custom furniture like wood and metal tables, cabinets, dressers, coffee tables, and more using reclaimed barn wood and recycled building materials.