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The Top Five Reasons to Buy Furniture Locally

Are you ready to spruce up your home with a new kitchen table, a unique media center, or an authentic piece of reclaimed wood furniture? Before you run out to your local box chain furniture store, keep in mind that your local furniture business down the road may have exactly what you're looking for. The benefits of buying local furniture are unsurpassable when compared to giving your business to a franchised corporation. Not fully convinced? Here are the top five reasons to buy locally.

1. Uniqueness

Chain stores often use specified models and mass production creating thousands of identical pieces. With such commonality, it's hardly a surprise when you walk into someone else's home and notice they have the exact same piece of furniture as you. Break free from the uniformity by seeking a custom piece from your local furniture maker.

2. Quality Assurance

Although large furniture companies may put effort into assuring the quality of their pieces, it's nearly impossible to mass produce furniture without sacrificing quality. Local furniture makers often make it a priority to use the highest quality materials available, and since every piece is assembled in a small batch or by hand, they are sure to give you the highest quality furniture you deserve. Plus, if there is a problem with your furniture, it's certainly easier to follow up with a local business than to contact a national corporation.

3. Supporting local business

Small businesses are what make this nation thrive. They are often owned by our friends and family, giving them an opportunity to pursue their passions and provide necessary products and services to their community. Giving a local furniture maker your business doesn't only benefit you; it benefits your neighbors, and your community.

4. Environmental Impact

Chain stores are known for using production methods that involve the use of dangerous chemicals, unsafe materials, and greenhouse gas producing factory equipment. Overall, these production methods harm the environment. Local businesses have been proven to use local materials and safer methods of production that ultimately reduce the impact on the environment.

5. Deals, Deals, Deals

If you're lucky, you may be able to score a deal on furniture from your local business. With frequent sales to attract customers and local owners being accessible, it's certainly not uncommon to get a modest price on that reclaimed wood furniture or sofa that you've had your eye on.

So next time your kitchen table needs to be replaced, your sofa gets lumpy, or you're just looking to add a little something to the house, keep your local businesses in mind. You're sure to be overly satisfied with everything from the customer service to the quality of the furniture itself. If you’re looking for local furniture in Massachusetts, check out E.B. Mann’s modern country designs.